Our goal is to make the process simple and profitable for our beekeepers. Our wide range of services for beekeepers include:

  • Multiple, secure holding yard locations secured with locked fencing
  • Professional Bee Grading prior to placement in the orchards
  • On-site assistance in holding yards and orchards
  • Field Placement into the best orchards
  • Coordination of transportation
  • Competitive pricing and prompt payment
  • Coordination for all hive-strength inspections as requested by grower
  • Travel planning assistance if needed
  • Trucking information and Inspection Station guidance

Services offered

Brokerage Fee:
The brokerage fee is based on a percentage of the Pollination Fee. The Fee includes, but is not limited to marketing and sales of your hives, preliminary assessment, county registration assistance, identifying, negotiating and contracting directly with grower, providing payment, assistance at CDFA Inspection Stations. Please consult a Pollination connection member to determine your needs know more about what is included in your brokerage fee.

Full Service Hive Placement Fee:
Fees corresponding with services include loading and unloading of trucks before and after pollination, into the holding yard or directly into the orchards. These fees are separate from brokerage fees.

PLEASE NOTE: The fees charged correspond only to the services provided.

Holding Yard:
Holding yard prices are dependent on location and include both pre and post pollination holding yard requirements. Yards may also be available to make splits. Please consult a Pollination Connection team member to discuss your requirements.

The Beekeepers are responsible for arranging transportation from their facility, within a proper time frame. We can provide assistance in identifying options for transport, if needed. We can also provide a storage site for your trucks, gears and equipment upon request.

Unloading and Staging:
We can provide the facility for unloading trucks and place the beehives in a temporary staging yard. We will charge a nominal fee depending on the location. Please consult a Pollination Connection team member for tailoring a program that suits your needs.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is included in a contract? Our contracts are customized as per the specific needs of our clients. Contract prices are ‘per qualified hive’ unless otherwise agreed upon. Our prices are competitive but may change depending on supply and demand cycle. Please consult a Pollination Connection member to help you understand your contract details.
  2. How Do I get paid as a Beekeeper? Once payment has been made to the broker, an initial payment is made to the beekeeper after placement of hives into the orchards. The remaining balance will be paid after the hives are removed from the orchards and after the payment has been made to the broker.
  3. What paperwork do I need to complete if I am an out of state beekeeper? For out-of-state beekeepers that don’t pay California taxes and have not sent us Form 588 (or a similar form) we are required to with hold 7% of your California pollination income and send it to Sacramento.Refer to CA Tax Reminder for Out-of-State Beekeepers Nonresident Witholding Waiver Request (CA Form 588)Save yourself time, money and hassle by filling out the necessary forms or by filing CA tax forms. For more information check the CA Franchise Tax Board website at or call them at (888) 792-4900 or (800) 852-5211.
  4. How is the pollination process planned? As the contract timeframes vary, we encourage our clients to consult with a Pollination Connection member to make sure we have a good supply of healthy quality hives. Early delivery into holding yards can be scheduled after duly notifying us and
    agreeing upon the terms of the holding yard. Please feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements at the earliest.
  5. When do I start preparing my bees? Now is the time to prepare your bees for the pollination season. Make sure you use the proper methods in order to ensure the longevity of your hives.
  6. How do I identify my bees? We insist you to make sure that all of your hives are branded, labeled or have some distinguishing information to identify that you are the owner of the hives.
  7. How will my bees be placed in orchards? Maps of hive placements will be provided to beekeepers and the orchards will also be tagged to assist you in this process. We will tour the orchards with you prior to placement to make the process easier.
  8. Do I need to get Pre-certification Recommendation? If your bees are being transported from out of state, we strongly recommend you have your bees inspected by your county or state apiary inspector.