Almond Growers

Our business policies cater your specific needs. We offer Honesty, Reliability, and
Integrity in all our services.

For almond growers we offer:

  • Open communication between growers and beekeepers
  • Professional Bee Grading prior to placement in your orchards
  • On-site supervision and coordination of field placement
  • Handling by experienced and professional beekeepers
  • Competitive pricing and good value for your money
  • Strong and Healthy Quality Beehives
  • Coordination of colony strength inspections with county personnel
  • Flexible Payment schedules to help you optimize your cash flow
  • Delivery in counties of the Central Valley
  • Strategy and planning for your honey bees
  • Personalized Pollination Agreements that cater your specific requirements

To ensure that the pollination process is profitable for our growers, we encourage our
clients to present a detailed map and description of their orchards. This will help us
plot accurate placements and ensure adequate coverage, to enhance the quality of the
pollination process.  For information on Blue Orchard Bees click here.