About Us

We believe in Service with a Difference. Our team of skilled apiarists lead by the experienced entrepreneurship of Denise Qualls is committed to providing the best services and solutions to our clients.

We understand and acknowledge the factors that affect your agricultural requirements and make that our primary focus. Our years of experience, coupled with a versatile and professional team, give you all the means necessary to yield the best results.

We intend to build a long term business relationships with our beekeepers and growers.  Striving to provide a worry free service now and in the future, we have partnered with BeeHero to empower California’s almond growers to thrive using smarthive technology that predicts, measures, and optimizes bee pollination quality in real-time to increase transparency, predictive modeling, and operational costs of almond production.

If you are looking to yield optimal results for your orchards, contact us today for more information.

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Q&A with Denise

How would you describe your story with The Pollination Connection?
I am a financial services veteran turned pollination coordinator. I found my passion for agriculture and bees then translated it in to a business that provides optimum pollination services.

How would you describe yourself?
I am an entrepreneur at heart and I am passionate about both running a business and aiding other business in their pollination success. I am also an active member of CA Women for Agriculture and Merced County Farm Bureau. I’m also a member of California State Beekeepers Association and American Bee Federation.

How do you contribute to the business?
I specialize in Almond Pollination and provide all services that are vital for all our almond growers. The crucial part is that I connect beekeepers with growers and open a channel to communication between so that their needs are properly understood and executed.

Where do you provide your services?
I am a resident of Castro Valley and offer services to clients in the Central Valley of California. I provide quality beehives from nationwide beekeepers to fill the needs of the almond growers of California.

What is your business ethos?
I have built this business on trust and integrity. Our motto here is ‘Service with a Difference’ and that difference is the reliability and quality of the pollination process that we proudly provide to our clients.