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Expertise comes from experience and experience comes from years of consistent success. For decades, we have consistently employed our expertise in the process of pollination to provide clients with personalized solutions to meet their unique agricultural requirements.

When you come to us, you can count on professional and reliable service that yields results.

We are the Pollination Connection, providing pollination solutions for California’s agriculture and specializing in the Central Valley.

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Almond Alliance hails funding for bee program

“The Almond Alliance of California is proud to announce that, in partnership with the California State Beekeepers Association, our team led agricultural stakeholders to successfully advocate for $1.9 million for one-to-three years in additional, dedicated state funds for the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s new Bee Safe program. This program will ensure the safe movement of colonies, prevent apiary theft and convene stakeholders on best management practices.”

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Donate now to PAM – Why PAm? Because PAm funds bee research that is selected and guided by beekeepers.  We suggest $1 per colony to support PAm’s research efforts that seek to find practical solutions for managed colonies.  To donate go to www.ProjectApism.org.



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“I have worked with Denise and the team at The Pollination Connection for many years now. I'm always impressed with their level of professionalism, and how easy they make the entire process for me as a beekeeper. Denise is usually on sight and on call 24/7 during the pollination season to make sure we have every resource we need to get all of our hives placed. Denise always finds reputable growers, who pay well, and do everything they can to take care of the bees. I highly recommend the Pollination Connection for all your pollination needs!”

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